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Why Macro Network ?

The Macro Network was created at the end of 2018 to give an insightful and illuminating outlook on the Crypto Markets. In this article, we give a quick overview of the platform and the reasons for creating it. Macro Network was create to address a few critical issues within the Crypto community. The first problem that exists relates to the barriers to entry in crypto. Beginners often struggle to understand the complexities of storing and exchanging their crypto assets. This confusion stops people learning about crypto and prevents the industry from growing. Education of investors plays a key role in the Macro Network platform.

In addition, the Crypto community has become somewhat of an echo chamber. Market participants have completely disregarded the role that global institutions like the IMF and the BIS could play in the future of crypto. They have unwisely disregarded the power of these institutions. Whether, the crypto community like it or not, these institution will have a defining role to play in the future of crypto. In any given moment, they could legislate against crypto on a global basis or on the other hand they could legislate for it. In order to keep our subscribers informed about what the real power brokers are saying about crypto, the Macro Network will closely follow the latest policy announcements coming from these institutions. Rest assured, that what they say and do will have a huge impact on the crypto market. The Macro Network, intends to fill this “information gap” between crypto and the wider economy, by ensuring that crypto investors know about the most important external factors that could impact their investment.

Aside from the complexities for beginners and the “information gap” the crypto market has a few other problems. There is so much news in Crypto and investors are struggling to keep up with what is important. In addition to providing briefings and market alerts, the Macro Network will help subscribers by curating key crypto stories. This crypto news section will help investors that are currently overwhelmed by the volume of news in crypto by picking out the important news so you don’t miss out. The Macro Network was created to be a calming influence in the wild world of crypto, Our briefings are designed to bring clarity of thought to our subscribers and deep insight, we do not drown our subscribers in useless jargon terminology and we have absolutely no ads and absolutely no crypto promotions. We operate on a transparent subscription based business model. Go to our website ( to sign up for the sharpest insight in Crypto.